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Here are the Nucly actions and what each does:

Cast shadow - Creates a linear cast shadow on text or any layer with transparency (works best with hard edges). To use, select the layer you want to cast the shadow and run the action. To increase the length of the cast shadow, repeat the action.

Frequency Separation 16-bit - Creates the necessary layers for frequency separation on a 16-bit file. Once created, use a mix brush or a blur tool on the low frequency layer.

Frequency Separation 8-bit - Creates the necessary layers for frequency separation on a 8-bit file.

Eyes - To use this, create a new layer and paint the iris of the eyes with a soft-edged brush. Once both are painted and with the paint layer selected, run the action. This will punch up the contrast and sharpness of eyes in an image.

Highlighter - Accentuates the highlights in your image. Use this for composites or photos where you want to punch up the highlights. Run on a flat image layer.

Lightsaber Glow - Creates a lightsaber glow on a transparent white layer. Fill a transparent layer with the "blade" of the lightsaber and run the action. You will be able to choose the color of your lightsaber glow.

Rule of Thirds grid - Creates a rule of third grid with guides.

Golden Ratio grid - Creates a golden ratio grid with guides.

Center Guides - Creates vertical and horizontal center guides.

Sharpen - Creates a non-destructive sharpness layer which can be adjusted with opacity.

Clarity - Creates a non-destructive clarity layer which can be adjusted with opacity

Bleach Bypass - Creates a simple bleach bypass effect.

White to Transparent - Converts white to transparency in layers. Works best on logos or photos of objects on white backgrounds.

Vignette - Creates a curve-based vignette which can be adjusted.

Channels to Layers - Creates a layer for each of the Red, Green and Blue channels. These can be used for other post-processing effects.

Flatten contrast - This reduces the contrast of a layer using blending options.

Film grain - Adds a non-destructive film grain layer.

Feather selection - Allows you to feather your selection by a pixel amount.

Feather Selection 10px, 50px, 150px - Presets for feathering selections by predetermined pixel amounts. These are great for quick color selections or targeting certain parts of your image.

Gradient map - Adds a gradient map for color grading into your image. Once set up, change your color grade by adjusting the gradient map colors.

RGB channel select - Selects based on the light/darkness of your layer (white is 100% selected, black is 0%).

Roughen edges - Roughens the edges of text or other layers with transparency. Only use this on a layer with hard edges. Will have inconsistent results on feathered edges.

Degraded Lens - Creates a degraded lens effect to your image.

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